Volume 6

António Lobo Antunes

Perhaps it is fitting to release our sixth digital volume, in the middle of a pandemics, focused on António Lobo Antunes. Our readers will know, or discover why. We wish to thank our guest editors, Nicola Gavioli and Bruno Nogueira Sales for having gathered this impressive and strong selection of articles. We also want to thank our assistant editors, Pedro Craveiro and Aline de Almeida for their focused work on this number.

Élide Valarini Oliver


Guest Editors

Nicola Gavioli
Visiting Assistant Professor
Florida International University
Bruno Nogueira Sales 
Academic Professional
University of Georgia                         


Élide Valarini Oliver
Professor of Brazilian and Comparative Literature
Director of the Center for Portuguese Studies
UC Santa Barbara

Assistant Editors

Pedro Craveiro                         
Ph.D. Candidate                          
UC Santa Barbara
Aline de Almeida                                 
Ph.D. Student 
UC Santa Barbara