Volume 4

Vilém Flusser

The present volume of our Journal comes at a moment of great incertitude, with the world upside down. Now, more than ever, reflection upon this world is urgent and necessary. Vilém Flusser's approach to philosphy was always to engage the human in its relanshionship with what matters most to us: literature, the arts. This volume is dedicated to him, and we are grateful to the contribution of our Guest Editors: two great Flusser scholars. Gustavo Bernardo Krause has a lifetime dedication to the works of Flusser, with books and articles written over many years of study. Eva Batlickova is an energetic scholar who is taking Flusser studies over to a new generation of scholars.

On a personal note, I would also like to dedicate this number to Flusser's children. For Miguel Flusser, most especially, since for many years now, I have been having the privilege of his friendship.

Élide Valarini Oliver

Guest Editors

Eva Batlickova
Assistant Professor
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
Masaryk University, Brno                 
Gustavo Bernado Krause
Professor of Literary Theory
Language Institute
State University of Rio de Janeiro


Élide Valarini Oliver
Professor of Brazilian and Comparative Literature
Director of the Center for Portuguese Studies
UC Santa Barbara

Assistant Editor

Pedro Craveiro
Ph.D. Candidate
UC Santa Barbara

Volume 4


Vilém Flusser e o cinema de bolso, Claudia Maria Queiroz Lambach (

Flusser, homo fictor: em busca de uma ficção filosófica, Jessé Antunes Torres

A língua é o mundo: Flusser, leitor de Rosa, Rafael Alonso

Between Literature and Philosophy – Vilém Flusser’s Nomadic Games, Przemysław Wiatr

O espírito do diálogo na obra de Flusser, Eva Batlickova

Vilém Flusser, Abraham Moles e Elisabeth Rohmer-Moles, Rainer Guldin

Kitsch e pós-história | Gespraech, Gerede, Kitsch | Kitsch and Post-History, Vilém Flusser