The Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies is a journal serving the academic world. As such, it accepts articles with a variety of topics and methodologies. Its main focus is directed to literary studies and comparative literature, interdisciplinary studies, and the humanities in general.

Submitted articles must be original. We accept the following languages: Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Our journal accepts submissions any time. We also publish special numbers with guest editors. All articles received are submitted for a peer review evaluation, either by the Editorial Board or by ad hoc reviewers. In case of discrepancy, the editors will decide about the publication of an article.

Texts submitted, will be edited and sent back to the author for final approval.

In some cases, the Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies will publish texts from lectures, oral presentations or communications previously presented in an academic environment.

We also welcome reviews about subjects, books and new editions covering the Humanities in the Portuguese speaking world.

Preparation of manuscripts

Articles must have a minimum of 20,000 and a maximum of 35,000 spaces.
Files must be submitted without identification of author. In case of self-reference, they must be presented in a way not to identify the author.
In a separate document, the author must include a text of about  300 spaces with information about academic title, institution, recent publications and email, which will be published together with the article.
The author must also provide an abstract of about 120 words, and between three and five keywords. If the text is in a language other than English, the abstract and the keywords must also be presented in English.
All articles must provide a list of works cited at the end. All articles must have footnotes, not endnotes. Text justified. Font Garamond.

The title of the article must be centered, in bold, capital letters, font 14.
The body of the text: font 12.
Internal quotations: font 11.
Footnotes: font 12.
Indentation of the paragraph: 2 cm to the right margin.
Indentation of the quotation: 4 cm to the right margin.
Line spacing: 1.5.
Quotation line spacing: 1.
Quotations that exceed 3 lines must follow indentation of 4cm to the right margin. No quotation marks are necessary.
Page Number: lower right.
Bibliographical footnotes follow the pattern below:

João Guimarães Rosa. Grande Sertão: Veredas. Rio de Janeiro, Nova Fronteira, 1984.

For bibliography appearing in Works Cited:

Guimarães Rosa, João. Grande Sertão:Veredas. Rio de Janeiro, Nova Fronteira, 1984.

SBPS also accepts the MLA style.

Page template:

Double spacing between title and author's name.
Name: font 11, right alignment.
Institution: italic, font 11, right alignment.
Abstract:  title (bold) no colon. 1 space between title and text. Must not exceed 120 words. When written in another language, articles must have an abstract in English as well.
Keywords: between 3 and 5, separated by commas, in English as well, for articles written in another language.
Bio: 1 space between name (bold) and text, at the end of the article, followed by email. Must not exceed 300 characters.